Pavers & Flagstone

Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design has a specialty.  It is the integration of a home’s interior and exterior and 9 times out of 10 the transition is the patio.

Whatever you have in mind, Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design can deliver.  Multi level patios with a tumble Venetian Paver,  Stamped concrete over an existing gray slab or natural buff flagstone to compliment your homes existing stucco there is no patio Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design has ever shied away from.  Our masons live for a challenge and our designers will only accept a true custom finish.  It is time to expand your home outdoors.…

Windy Spring In Denver

Bear with me on my first blog posting.  I am not sure if I am suppose to tell you about the company or maybe a helpful hint, So I will do both.


We have experienced a great winter here at Castlewood.  We have expanded with a new Pool/Spa Design and Install Division.  The only such company to offer everything in house.  How do I know?  We did the research on the competition and it says Landscapers can’t build pools and Pool Builders can’t Landscape.  Well not anymore.  Would you rather use 4 or 5 contractors to complete your outdoor living space or just 1?  Our pool team consists of Terence Thornton, a Las Vegas born designer familiar with every part of pool building, designing and automation.  Our installation team is led by Dave Cross.  Dave comes to us from Colorado Pools where he oversaw the building of some of the most custom (and the largest) pools in Colorado.  We are also excited to announce that Castlewood is the only Genesis 3 Gold Certified company in the State of Colorado.  Genesis 3 guidelines state that only the most up to date building techniques, The most professional companies and the best of the best are certified.

Enough of that now, how about some tips for getting your yard ready for Spring?  In Denver we enjoy over 300 days of sun (Wind or not).  So you think its time to start watering the lawn right?  Wrong!  Make sure to check your overnight temperatures before pressurizing your back flow.  This last week we watched it dip to 22-26 degrees overnight, a perfect temperature for standing water to freeze in your outdoor pipes.  The current wait time for a sprinkler repair company in Castle Rock, Colorado was 5 weeks.  In Brighton its 3 weeks.  Do the right thing and wait a week rather than have to hand water when the 80 degree temperatures move in.  That or let your lawn burn up and call us to replace it with a nice flagstone patio.  Less maintenance that way


– Jason…

Outdoor Kitchens

Do you spend more time outdoors than indoors?  We do!  We prefer it that way.  With over 300 days of sunshine why would you still cook indoors?

From a basic grill station to a complete outdoor kitchen, Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design has what you are looking for.  Our kitchen designs take the cook into mind first.  What do you like to cook?  How often do you want to run inside?  Why is your margarita warm?

A complete outdoor kitchen can incorporate everything you will need to make a family dinner or just a couple burgers all while keeping you where the action is.  It is time to step outside and cook.…

Retaining Walls

Does your yard slope?  Do you think there is no way we will ever be able to use this back yard?  Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design can engineer a proper wall and also give you something beautiful to look at rather than an eyesore built more for function.

Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design has taken natural granite boulders from Idaho Springs and created full walls that rival anything mother nature has created.  For a more formal look, Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design can also design and install a stucco, stacked rock or veneer wall.  Need to match your home?  We have worked for builders all over Denver creating walls on high end custom homes that tie in seamlessly to the existing façade.…

Water Features

About 8 miles into one of the longest hiking trails in Colorado you will come across one of the most spectacular waterfalls nature has ever created. With a good snow pack, this waterfall will run year round. Now how do you get that same experience year round without the sore feet?

The Design and Installation team of Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design have you covered. Our designers use only natural Colorado boulders when building each water feature. No one will be the same as another because of this.

Castlewood Custom Landscape and Design believes in as little man made pieces to the water feature as possible to recreate that mountainscape experience. Our water features have been recognized statewide for using the latest techniques and filterization to keep that beautiful waterfall all beauty and little upkeep. If you are looking for a pond less waterfall, Long winding river with multiple falls or a large pond with a single waterfall then we have the team to design and install what you have only seen in nature.

During your initial visit, one of our architects will discuss your needs before the design is presented.

Have a noisy street nearby? Need a deeper sound that travels across the yard to your bedroom window? We can and have done it before.…